Facade service.

The perfect solution to guarantee the best status and maintenance of your complex is the rehabilitation of the buildings.
Our company has been working for more than 35 years doing all types of rehabilitation and works in so many communities and buildings, for that reason we have a very specialized workers who do the jobs very efficiency and speedily with the main object of adding value to your property.
We use first quality products and offer the maximum guarantees of the manufacturer.
We believe on the innovation, so our techniques are always searching the best and most efficient techniques and materials considering each base, studying the treatment of all the possible pathologies which could appear over the different projects. They analyzed and study all the possibilities which could affect to the facades in the future considering, for example, the weather conditions, the humidity or the location of the residential complex.
We recommend contacting a profesional as soon as you are aware of humidity problems, cracks, leaks, or dirty surface. Pinturas Mesa could visit your community or building without obligation and analyze the particular problems and pathologies with the purpose of giving a solution.

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Contact us and we will assist you with no obligation.

We will visit, without obligation those residential complexes that need to carry out a rehabilitation or painting job.